'A Haven for Dogs...' is revered as a desirable place to leave your four-legged friend to stay while you're travelling away from home ! When you leave your dogs with me, I ensure they are well-looked after, with regular walks and plenty of tender loving care throughout each day of their stay.

I only take dogs up to a medium size (height to 58cm top of head) and I take no more than two dogs at any one time. This means that I ensure that each dog receives the attention they look for while they are away from their owner. Your dog/s need to be well socialised and also up-to-date with their C5 (Kennel cough) vaccination, please.

There are two quite amazing parks within close proximity of my home where I walk the dogs but I will never take your dog off their lead. I use an extendable-type lead when walking through parks, giving them a little more freedom to run ! I walk the dogs every morning, weather permitting and there is an occasional second walk later in the afternoon dependent on the weather.

After you make an enquiry with me via email, we organise 'a meet 'n greet' in the park across from my home so that we can meet in a 'natural' setting. We then return to my home where you will see where your dog will stay throughout each day of his or her holiday.

I would like you to feel completely at ease when leaving your dog/s with me as I will care for him or her the same way that I care for my own dog. While your 4-legged friend is staying with me, I will provide you with occasional updates either via text or email. We have a medium-size doggie door which allows your dog to go outside and return at any time.

About Lea Gamble

I am the proud owner of a beautiful 12 year old Spoodle named Toby who lost his partner, a Cockerspaniel, three and a half years ago. Following this I began to think that, as I had had dogs of my own and had looked after friends’ dogs in the past, that I would help people, by taking good care of their dogs while they were away. So I started a business as a Dog Carer, knowing that it would also bring company for Toby ! I have a great love for all animals, especially dogs and I am a keen advocate for Animals Australia and other similar organisations !

The atmosphere in our home is warm and reassuring. Our family room overlooks our completely enclosed and secure private back garden, and it is where we spend time during the day. I am retired and at home most of the day, ensuring I have plenty of time to watch over the dog/s in my care.

I have an enthusiastic understanding of the 'canine world' and know them to all have different personalities and needs. In 2016 I completed an RSPCA First Aid short course to further my understanding of how to care for all animals. You can be assured that your dogs will have a special place to feel safe, warm and loved until you return from your holiday, trip interstate or overseas. Please don't hesitate to be in touch if you have any queries.

Lea, Peter, Tammy and Toby