Items to bring along with you

  • Health - I will need to sight a current C5 vaccination certificate (C5 includes Kennel cough).
    Please ensure all your dog's vaccinations, heartworm and flea treatments are up-to-date.
  • Collar or Harness, and Lead and a jacket if your dog wears one
  • Bedding - should be clean
  • Dinner Bowl - no need to bring a water bowl as I have a number of them and wash them out regularly
  • Food sufficient for stay - see details below
  • Medication - if any that your dog is currently taking
  • Grooming - your dog's brush
  • Toys - no more than two toys
If your dog has not been away before or is likely to fret while away from you then you can include an old jumper or other piece of clothing (a t-shirt for example) that can be placed with their bedding. This will help remind them of you.


  • Any home-prepared food should be in freezer bags and frozen, one for each day.
  • Your dog's favourite biscuits and treats. I do have a range of these things.

Things we need to know

  • Drop-off and Pick-up times for your dog
  • Contact details for your dog's Veterinarian
  • Contact phone number of a family member or friend if you are likely to be out of contact during your holiday